My Name is Jessica the Recessionista


“I’m just pumped up by some extremely wonderful fashion from the thrift shop!” ~ Macklemore (edit, mine)

So, I love this song. I am all about it whenever it comes on the radio. I’m quite confident that, no matter how long the DJs continue to abusively overplay it, I will not soon tire of Macklemore’s new hit. Though the tune is catchy and he’s a pretty decent rapper, neither are my reasons for affection. I adore this song because I am currently, to an extent, living it.

Because I am fashion obsessed, yet work for a non-profit, I have long struggled between the knowledge that I must hoard any extra money for a rainy day, and my intense yearning to continue to build my incredible wardrobe. With the recent economic hardships, this has been an especially intense battle- one that, out of necessity, my bills are winning.

Not wanting to admit defeat, I recently made the decision to begin getting more creative with my fashion pursuits. Instead of continuing to go to my favorite stores and drool over the pretty things I couldn’t afford, I decided to start to seek fashion in some more unlikely places. I would not lower my standards of excellence, I determined, and I would indeed find fashion among the seemingly fashion depraved.

My search has been so much fun, and, on occasion-so surprisingly successful, that I have decide to start a blog to chronicle both the trips that led to my fashion finds, and the ones that were flops. Either way, if you’d like to join me for the journey, I’ll do my best not to disappoint (you or my closet). 😉


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