Ebay is Your Friend

Lesson #1, my little recessionistas in training: Ebay is your friend.

I learned this while pining over JCrew’s fall line. I so badly wanted 5 or 6 of their classic preppy with a twist collared button ups. The many varieties of tartan plaid were dazzling, and I wanted one in every hue. One day I decided to idly check ebay, to see if last seasons plaids would be available and more on my price point. To my excitement, I found not only many similar styles from previous seasons, I was able to snag the current styles at around 30-50% off as well. There are people out there who stalk certain companies to pounce on their sales, buy a quantity, and sell them on Ebay for a slight markup- less than the retail stores, but more than they paid per item. If they have the capital to do this, I’m all for it. And I intend to reap the benefits.

One thing to remember- Ebay is a game.

There are buyers who have invested time to learn the system, in order to pay the best price for the item they are watching. They will “watch” the item, and wait till minutes- even seconds- before the auction ends, and up bid you by pennies. What this means is that the JCrew tartan plaid that you’ve considered yours because your $30 bid has remained the highest for the better part of the week, is not necessarily yours due to lack of other interest. With this knowledge, there are several approaches you can take.

1- make sure you truly bid the highest amount you are willing to pay for the item, and then rest in the knowledge that something else will come along if you don’t score this item

2- make sure you are by your computer at the time the auction ends- watch the seconds tick by and increase your max bid as close to end as possible, in case someone is doing the same, waiting to pounce on your item just before the auction ends- make sure you increase your bid by more than a couple dollars to help ensure your win

In honor of this post, I will now show my latest ebay victory: a kate spade purse for $60. No, it’s not this season, but the deal was great and her prints are typically pretty classic.


Tomorrow’s post will be a follow up- listing fashion items on ebay-(to create more funds for fashion on the cheap) 😉 You know you’ve bought awesome stuff that you, for one reason or another, don’t wear. I’ll give you tips on how to get the most $ for your items.

Do you have your own Ebay buying tips? Share them here!


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