I Do Not Suffer from Handbag Addiction, I Enjoy Every Minute of It

Okay, friends, it’s time to talk about the GW Boutique. When I was in high school, Goodwill was my jam. Because of our family’s socio-economic status, my wardrobe was limited to mostly Target and Walmart brands, with the occasional birthday or Christmas trip to the mall. Feeling strongly that my outfits served as an outward representation of my personality, I was constantly looking for ways to add flavor to my wardrobe. Here entered Goodwill.

Let’s be honest. On a good day, Goodwill is a fun place for the fashion adventurer. Whether you’re looking for something amazingly hideous for a themed party, or you’re honestly looking for a diamond in the rough, I’ve found that thift shops rarely disappoint.

Lately, it’s become a game for me- to find quality pieces that people have either purchased and rarely to never worn and rescue them from life with someone who doesn’t understand how truly great they are. (i.e., the Kate Spade purse I found could have ended up as someone’s diaper bag! Just saying…)

Allow me to display some of my most recent handbag scores.


Etienne Aigner Purse- seems brand new!


A cute little red Guess purse- perfect for date nights


A neat woven Liz Claiborne- so summery!


and my favorite, because of the craftsmanship- a silver leather Kate Spade

I had to get a bit creative with this one, but I had to save her! 🙂 She as a bit scuffed in some places, so I decided to take a wire brush to her and made the distressing consistent. I’ve been told it looks as though it was intended. She doesn’t photograph as well as the others, but I think she’s beautiful.

The point of this post is to remind you that you can find great things in unlikely places, if you’re willing to work for it. Thanks for reading and happy hunting!

(I’d love to hear what cool things you’ve found at a Goodwill or similar store!)


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