Target Follows Fashion

I had a lot of fun putting this entry together. I’ve always wanted to do a side-by-side comparison of Target’s fashion line and the major fashion trends it borrows from. I notice that Target typically does a pretty good job staying on top of the trends and attempting to give customers an “in” look at a lower price. I scavenged from,, and to find some cute items I felt were representative of some current trends for spring, to see if I could find their less expensive counterparts on

I think I was pretty successful. I’ve taken shoes, earrings, and clothing samples to show you how you can get a trendy look for a great price if you’re ever in a pinch.

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Target take on a Steve Madden


Target does Cole Haan


A Target Drop Earring- Much cheaper than its Anthropologie counterpart


Another Anthro Style Mimic


A Simple Maxi


Target copies the exact color palate of this new Jcrew Spring Popover


Target clearly understands that Peplum is so in right now

I hope this has helped you realize you can get creative with a small fashion budget. I like mixing target basics with my more expensive clothing, no one can tell the difference, and I take pride in telling them “thanks! I got it at Target!” 😉

Till next time, Happy Hunting!


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