I Found Your Fairy Godmother

I can’t be the only one who jumps on the internet the day after an awards show to drool over the glamour. As I click through the photos of the “best dressed”, I can’t help but wonder what it feels like to wear a disgustingly expensive designer dress. Don’t we all want to be Cinderella for one evening. relishing every moment before the clock strikes midnight?

Well… we can. I was so thrilled to see a news highlight this weekend explaining exactly how this can be accomplished in a budget savvy way. http://www.renttherunway.com is our fairy godmother. This site features exactly what it’s name implies- the ability to rent designer gowns and accessories for a special occasion for way less than the purchase price. And let’s face it, my life is in no way glamorous enough to justify a Badgley Mischka hanging in my closet.

The site even offers customer testimonials with photos of how these designer outfits actually look on “real” women. Let’s look at a few examples.


This $650 gown rents for 4 days at only $160, allowing you to be the star of your special event, without anyone having to know you can’t actually afford to look as fabulous as you do.


And after browsing through the online testimonials, you can rent with confidence, realizing that this dress flatters a wide variety of body types.


And they don’t only offer extreme glitz and glamour, they have a variety of looks for you to choose your favorite depending on the formality of the occasion.


Not only do they offer the clothes for your event, but they have to-die-for accessories for rental as well.



Next time you have a formal occasion, take the opportunity to be Cinderella for an evening without experiencing the next day buyer’s remorse. After discovering this amazing site, the only thing I’m looking for is an invitation to a stellar party. 🙂

Until next time- Happy Hunting!


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