Trendabl- Finally, an Instagram I Can Get Behind

For me, instagram wasn’t the instant sensation it was for the rest of the social media world. For some reason, photos of people’s Chinese take out and their dog sleeping next to them on the couch just weren’t things I felt compelled to scroll through. Enter Trendabl- a fashion only app that allows you to share photos of your latest wardrobe additions, filtered through those cool instagram like lenses.


Not only can you upload your own photos, but you can search items based on brand name, color, or style. This means that if you decide to splurge for those great Kate Spade glitter pumps but are unsure of what to pair them with, you can see how others are wearing theirs and decide what option is right for you. In addition, many brands choose to upload their latest looks, so you’ll never be unsure of what your favorite designer is doing in the current season.

For the fashion followers, Trendabl is a dream come true! And if Refinery29 approves, you know it’s good! Just visit the app store to download this awesome site and start scrolling! Happy Hunting!  🙂



3 thoughts on “Trendabl- Finally, an Instagram I Can Get Behind

  1. Ohmygosh, I love this! Downloaded the app as soon as I finished reading your post. Looks like too much fun!

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