New App! Swirl- Your Personal Shopping Assistant

Okay- apparently fashion apps are hot right now. Because I’ve stumbled upon another AMAZING one.

I took the explanation from their website,,  – because they’ve articulated their mission so well. But I’ve tested the app and it is SO COOL! Choose to follow your favorite retailers to stay on stop of their offers and deals. In addition- read about the in-store feature as well, which enables you to find relevant deals just by walking into the retail store!


What is Swirl?

The new way to shop for fashion at your favorite retail stores. It’s like having your own personal shopping assistant in the palm of your hand. Whether you’re looking for a bit of fashion inspiration, need help locating your favorite styles at a nearby store, or want a source for exclusive content and offers while you shop in the store, Swirl is your ultimate shopping resource. It’s fun, easy, and free.

Swirl gives you access to styles and offers from over 200 top fashion brands, and with the new Swirl In-Store feature, you’ll get exclusive content and offers delivered right to your smartphone when you walk into participating retailers. Manage all of your fashion inspirations in one place and then locate them at the nearest retailers. Keep up with the latest styles and make the most of every shopping trip. With Swirl, you’ll never miss out on a great fashion find.


Enhance Your Retail Shopping Experience
Imagine walking into your favorite fashion retailer and instantly receiving exclusive offers and style recommendations in the palm of your hand. With Swirl In-Store, you can. It’s now built into the Swirl app and it activates automatically once you enter a participating store. Just bring Swirl with you when you go shopping and you’ll be notified when you enter a Swirl-enabled retail store

You can still use the Swirl app to track the latest styles and offers from wherever you are… And you’ll still receive alerts when one of your favorite styles goes on sale. Now, with Swirl In-Store, the Swirl App automatically transitions to a custom experience when you walk into a participating retail store. With Swirl In-Store, you’ll have instant access to the latest styles as well as exclusive, limited- time offers tailored to the store you’re in. Your personal shopping assistant just got a whole lot more personal!

How it Works

Swirl In-Store leverages mobile positioning and Bluetooth technology that are already built into the latest smartphones. When you enter the store of a participating retailer, Swirl’s proprietary in-store sensors connect with your Swirl app to deliver exclusive offers and content. It’s easy and automatic.


What’s Required

Swirl In-Store is a feature that is available to Swirl users (with iPhone 4S or 5 models) who explicitly choose to participate. Once you have enabled this feature (found in the settings tab of the Swirl app), simply walk into any participating retail location and launch the Swirl app. The app will automatically transition to Swirl In-Store and display relevant content and exclusive offers made available by that retailer.

Protecting Your Privacy

Swirl is committed to protecting your privacy and as such, your location is only used to trigger the Swirl In-Store experience and deliver exclusive offers and content that are relevant to the store that you are in. Any data shared with retailers is aggregated for the purposes of creating more relevant content and offers.

You can disable location tracking at anytime by turning your Location Services to OFF or by disabling the Swirl In-Store feature from the settings tab of the Swirl app. If you do this, Swirl will no longer have access to your location and will be unable to deliver offers and content to you based on the stores you are in or near. The basic features of the Swirl app can still be used, but Swirl In- Store will be disabled if location tracking is off.


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