Uptown Cheapskate- Color Me Disappointed

IMG_0003_resizedWhen I started this blog, I promised to share my fashion hunting experiences- both good and bad. So… this is a cautionary tale, to be juxtaposed with my glowing review of Clothes Mentor. Out of curiosity from hearing their ads on local radio, I wandered into an  Uptown Cheapskate in the Charlotte area (I’ll be kind and not identify which one). The staffers greeted me warmly and shared that they were only open to buy at the moment, but that I was welcome to have a look around. I perused the aisles for only moment, before discovering an armful of clearly faux designer handbags. Fake Coach purses abounded and the clothing looked a little worse for wear. My boyfriend was with me as well, and reported that he found a $15 Polo shirt, that was covered in stains.

It’s possible that this location will improve as their business is open for purchasing as well as buying, but after that initial trip- I will definitely be saving my shopping trips for other venues.

If you have a story of your own positive or negative experience with a Uptown Cheapskate location, I’d love to hear them! Maybe I’ve judged them too harshly…and if you’re looking for a cheap knock-off, this might be your place!

Here is what their website promises that you will find at their stores. (With prices this low, perhaps they just can’t compete):

Crazy Prices on the Brands You Crave http://uptowncheapskate.com/

•   Tops and Tees from $4.99
•   Colored Skinnies from $12.99
•   Denim for all  from $7.99
•   Dresses and Skirts from $9.99
•   Flats and Boots from $6.99
•   Hoodies and Jackets from $8.99
•   Bags and Totes from $12.99
•   Scarves and Hats from $3.99
•   Designer Styles from $19.99
•   and everything else you can think of from $5.99

I hope this information is helpful to all my fellow fashion hunters. Happy hunting!


One thought on “Uptown Cheapskate- Color Me Disappointed

  1. I HATE the store now. I bought a few Louis Vuitton bags only to later find them ALL to be fake. I never thought to check them because I assumed they were real because that’s what the store prides its self on. Never again. The store is a joke.

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