EASY DIY Glitter Pumps!





A DIY Project is the ULTIMATE recessionista tip! And this one is a piece of cake. Seriously, anyone can do it. šŸ™‚


As I’ve mentioned, repeatedly, I’m obsessed with JCrew. That being the case, I sort of flipped when they came out with glitter pumps last year (they are often doing variations of this style shoe, and I often lust after the sparkly heels). But at around $200 a pop… I just wasn’t willing to make the splurge. I didn’t know how often I would wear these bad boys…

One day, after buying some “boring” navy Steve Madden pumps at Goodwill- I got the inspiration to try to DIY my own glitter pumps. With a little Mod Podge, and a lot of love, these heels came out perfectly!



Allow me to tell you how you can create the same affect (I cut off the strap in order to make mine look more like the JCrew originals).

1) Obtain the Mod Podge (some people say you can water down Elmer’s glue and make your own Mod Podge, but I haven’t tested that theory yet). I like to use the matte finish, but I suppose the glossy finish would work okay- use your own discretion.


2) Obtain your desired color of glitter. The sky is the limit at a craft store. Perhaps you are a little bolder than I am and want some Dorothy red heels. I say “go for it!” Ā šŸ˜‰

3) Pour equal parts glitter and Mod Podge into a bowl and stir until the glitter is evenly dispersed. (use a small painting brush or sponge and test the consistency. The glitter should go on smoothly without clumping. If it clumps, add more Mod Podge. It’s better to have it too thin than too thick.)

4) Begin painting the shoe. This should require 3 or so coats in order to cover the shoe completely. Allow the layer to dry before applying the next coat- like when you are doing your finger nails.

5) Admire your masterpiece and then rock your glitter pumps with a killer outfit!



How do you feel about glitter pumps? Until next time, happy hunting!


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