ALWAYS Google “Coupon Code” Before Making an Online Purchase!

I am a HUGE fan of the online coupon codes. And it’s amazing to me how few people realize the $ they could save by simply spending an extra minute or so searching for a coupon code specific to the store they are about to place an online purchase with. Even the more high profile brands you might not expect to give out coupons, do so on a fairly regular basis. You just have to be willing to look.

If you are on a brand’s email subscription list or Facebook page, it’s likely you’ll be made aware of online discounts, such as the example below.


However, I personally can’t imagine receiving emails from every brand I’ve ever shopped from. I’ve subscribed to my very favorites and even now, my inbox is over run with specials and promotions (not that I’m complaining). Point being- it can’t hurt to look, it can only be to your advantage.

This post is as a result of a purchase I just made at Even though a special on their Summer Sale items was indicated on the site, I just felt the urge to search for additional promotions that might help with my full cost items.

After googling “Ralph Lauren Coupon Code”, I found the first two sites listed to be unhelpful- listing only the summer promotions. But the third one had a coupon for me!– 10% off each item!

sdAnd 10% doesn’t seem like much… but we are talking Ralph Lauren here. 🙂

Anyway- If I save one person $10 through this post, it will have been worth it. Have a fabulous week- and happy hunting!


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